illexotic pfp.jpg

Electro-soul duo illexotic is the sonic fusion of flutist, vocalist, and water nymph Corinita, and rapper-pianist-wood elf Josh. Their hypnotic sound is a melding of trap, hip hop, and electro-pop, with layers of live vocals and instrumentation flowing over programmed beats. The result is something just as cool and sexy as it is dangerous, luring the listener into a dreamy soundscape.

Music is not illexotic’s only weapon. In their adventures traversing the land and sea, Corinita and Josh have multiple attributes that could strike fear in hearts of enemies everywhere. While Josh’s charisma and lyrical prowess are lethal weapons in their own right, the deft use of dual daggers gets him out of trouble when a silver tongue won’t.

Corinita, quiet and reflective by nature, often gazing into rushing waters — is frequently underestimated. But to do so would be a mistake. The beautiful sound of her magical voice heals nearby listeners, while her mystical flute-staff deals crushing blows to any opposition.

Traveling together since 2016, they are one and soon to be proven a musical force to be reckoned with — whether on the battlefield, in the club, or traveling the mysterious wasteland that is the remnants of a fantasy-fused dystopian San Francisco Bay Area.  Their goal? To unify the weary masses, give voice to the voiceless and empower those who feel powerless.